Now that spring is around the corner, and temperatures are on the rise, trees are coming out of their slumber and treating our senses with leaves and flowers of magnificent color and smell.

It is also the time most people say, in their best Thurston Howell the III voice, “My dear, I think we need to call our arborist.”

Seriously – no they don’t.

Most people will call the first name they see on the flyer taped to the bus bench or mass-produced business card stuck under the windshield whiper on their at the local strip mall.

Or they may see a pickup truck with a ladder and a chain saw driving around their neighborhood with the advertisement “We Slash & Dash” plastered on the tailgate.

What exactly IS an arborist?

certified arborist Well, he’s the ISA version of a licensed AMA Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, not your back alley non-licensed deals on wheels working out of an old ice cream truck.

Let me put it another way – a Yugo with a Mercedes emblem is just a….”

Okay, you got it.

Now that I’ve painted a masterpiece in visual pastels, let’s get to the black and white.

An arborist is a professional in arboriculture, the study of trees, vines and other woody plants, along with their cultivation and management. He is trained and experienced in the identification, diagnosis, care and maintenance of your trees and plants. These trees and plants are no less a part of your family than are your children, and you should entrust them with the same care you expect from your health care professional.

He’s not the professional only millionaires can afford.

Up to now, you’ve spent a commodity much more precious than money on your landscape – time. That is something you can never get back once you hire Joe Hack-a-Limb to perform his impersonation of a professional arborist.

So, back to Joe Hack-a-Limb, working out of that deals on wheels ice cream truck – do you really want him around your property?