topped sycamore treeHow many times have you looked at your tree and said, “That tree is too tall. I need to have it topped!”

Come on, I know you’ve at least thought it, right?

You might remember that sign at the amusement park stating “You must be this tall to ride”.

Trees have no owner’s manual that say “I’m not allowed to exceed 30 feet”.

Before you make the decision to reduce the height of any tree, do your research.

Let me tell you why…


When a tree is topped, the upper crown is cut indiscriminately at a point that may not heal, also creating subsequent limbs that are more hazardous than what was removed. And that is just the beginning.

We suggest you read this helpful brochure about Why Topping Hurts Trees.

If you need to reduce the height of a tree, make sure you speak to one of our certified arborists to learn about the pros and cons.