Tree Stump Grinding and Removal Services in Victor Valley, CA

grinding down a tree stump in victor valley

Tree stumps are an eye sore. Not only do they look bad, they can pose a hazard to foot traffic. Nobody wants to trip and fall over a tree stump. Residents hire Tip Top Arborists when they want an experienced tree care company to quickly grind down and safely remove tree stumps on their property in the Victor Valley of San Bernardino County, CA.

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Regardless if the tree stump is new or old, large or small, we can handle your stump removal project. Our modern equipment will remove even the most stubborn of tree stumps.

Top Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps

Whether you hire us to remove a tree stump included in a larger tree removal project in the Victor Valley, or as stand alone service, never lose sight of the reasons why you’re doing it.

  • Damage Prevention: Tree stamps can obstruct foot traffic and lawn equipment. As a result, people may trip and hurt themselves. Additionally, lawn mowers may get damaged if you forget to navigate around stumps.
  • Disease Avoidance: All things dead will decay. Tree stumps are no different. Over time a tree stump’s roots will stop growing and rot away. If they were diseased, they may spread the fungal pathogens to roots of other trees and infect them. Nobody wants to have a newly planted tree infected by root disease.
  • Landscape Improvement: Nothing is more unattractive than a yard with dead tree stumps. You can try various DIY ideas to cover tree stumps, but they still remain. If you miss the benefits of a tree, you’re going to want a “stump-free” location to replant a tree or start a garden. To plant another tree or grass in the same spot, you will need to remove the material and backfill it with clean dirt.
  • Yard Clearance: Tree stumps can get in the way of building new structures on your yard like patios, sheds and gazebos, as well as interfere with fence installations. Not only will these outdoor structures provide you shelter and comfort, they will increase your home’s resale value. So why would you let a tree stump get in the way of being safe, happy, and earning more money?