Tree removal to prevent property damage

The practice of tree removal has been and will always remain dangerous for anybody who doesn’t have professional training and experience. Our arborists and tree workers are ISA-certified which means they have completed extensive training how to rig, climb, cut and remove trees safely in all types of situations:

  • Fallen trees after storms or vehicle accidents
  • Leaning trees over roofs and fences
  • Dying trees from insects and fungi
  • Healthy trees blocking views or obstructing construction plans

Tree removal is a very common tree care service we perform daily. As a fully licensed and insured tree removal company in Valencia, CA, Tip Top Arborists not only has the right equipment for the job, but all of our workers follow tree care industry standards and OSHA safety protocols. We take safety seriously because our occupation has many hazards including electrocution from overhead power lines, falls from faulty safety equipment, and lacerations from falling branches.

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A successful tree removal project requires careful planning and communication. Everybody remains alert and careful during the entire process, beginning when the tree is getting pieced from top to bottom and ending when pieces are shredded in a wood chipper. Nobody gets injured and nothing gets damaged.

Tree pruning to promote long-term tree health

Tree pruning is another common tree care service we perform on a daily basis in Valencia’s neighborhood. Whether it’s requested for aesthetic or health reasons, pruning tree limbs is recommended to promote tree growth and beauty. Ask any arborist and they will likely agree that tree pruning is an important part of a tree care maintenance plan of ongoing service visits.

Valencia residents often ask what’s the difference between tree crowning, crown thinning, crown pruning and crown reduction. Our answer is they are synonymous terms to describe the pruning technique of a tree’s crown, the upper or top part of a tree comprised of stems and branches. Regardless what term you prefer, tree pruning makes a tree canopy’s foliage appear more evenly distributed or uniform. Our ISA-certified tree workers are well versed in tree pruning. They are careful not to over-prune (“gutting” or “lion-tailing”) which can result in sun scalding, sucker growth and other problems. They’re trained to deliver the correct number of cuts without stressing the tree.

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Whether you want to promote your tree’s long-term health or gain more sunlight in your yard, you can trust Tip Top’s skilled tree pruning experts will help you make the best decision based on your specific goals, while attending to your tree’s biological needs.

What do Valencia customers say about us?

Valencia, CA

Tip Top was right on time for the estimate, their arrival time and they finished when when they said they would and the cleanup was great. They removed a total of nine very mature Italian cypress trees in our neighbor’s yard on our side yard which were a fire hazard to us and had done damage to our walkway. Read More

– Joanne S.
5 stars

Valencia, CA

If you want a company that takes the health and wellbeing of your trees into careful consideration and provides education along the way for a reasonable price then please, please call Tip Top. Read More

– Diana F.
5 stars

How much does Valencia tree removal or pruning cost?

No two trees are the same. Neither is the cost to remove or prune them. Many things are factored into a tree removal and tree pruning price estimate such as tree size and condition, equipment and crew requirements, travel distance, and other special considerations.

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We will schedule an appointment with Chris Miller, the primary arborist assigned to the Santa Clarita Valley. He prides himself on nearly 3 decades of professional arborist experience in the tree care industry.

Valencia, CA

I thought their estimate would be high but was pleasantly surprised. It was a little less than the first estimate. When the crew arrived, they made quick work of their task. They displayed good teamwork with everyone knowing their job. Read More

– Dennis S.
5 stars