Trimming Trees in Tehachapi Valley, CA

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If you agree with us that tree pruning is a necessary process throughout the life of your tree, then you will appreciate the level of tree trimming service our company provides residents in these Tehachapi Valley communities in Kern County, CA.

  • Tehachapi (downtown)
  • Bear Valley Springs
  • Brite Valley
  • County
  • Cummings Valley
  • Fairview Ranches
  • Golden Hills
  • Monolith
  • Oak Knolls
  • Stallion Springs

Our crews are always doing tree work in the Tehachapi Valley. A typical work day has our certified tree climbers pruning, trimming or cutting branches on oak trees, pine trees, fruit and nut trees.

Everybody wants their trees in “the land of four seasons” to grow healthy, especially newly planted young trees, so annual pruning is very important in tree maintenance.

Warning Signs You Need Tree Trimming

When was the last time spent more than a minute studying your tree’s limb structure? If you answered ‘never’ or ‘rarely’, you are like most Tehachapi Valley homeowners who give their trees only a glance. If trees are not given a thorough visual inspection a few times a year, you may be missing important signs it needs structural pruning or corrective pruning.

Here are some possible warning signs that tree trimming is necessary to develop and maintain the tree:

  • Branches below the permanent crown are growing larger than half the trunk diameter.
  • Spacing is too close among the main branches along the central leader.
  • Large diameter branches are competing with the leader.
  • Lateral branches are pointing toward the trunk and growing upright.

If you are not experienced in the rules of good pruning, then you should avoid any possibility of making a mistake by trimming a tree yourself. Tip Top Arborists has friendly and certified arborists on staff who know how to prune trees mistake-free in your Tehachapi Valley community using proper tools and safety equipment.

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Time Lapse Videos

Aleppo pine tree over a mobile home.
Trimming time: 2.5 hours

Mulberry tree in customer’s back yard.
Trimming time: 3.5 hours