Tree Removal Services in Tehachapi Valley, CA

fallen tree in tehachapi valley needs to be removed

If dead, dying, fallen or overcrowded trees need to be cut down and removed in the Tehachapi Valley of Kern County, homeowners know Tip Top Arborists will quickly dispatch a tree removal crew to finish the job safely and not leave behind any tree debris like branches and leaves.

Our team of certified arborists have been providing affordable, tip-top tree removal service in all of Tehachapi Valley communities since 1976.

Fallen Trees Removed Safe And Fast

Severe weather events in the Tehachapi Valley can cause trees to fall over and damage cars, roofs, fences, patios and outdoor property. At Tip Top Arborists, we are ready to handle emergency tree removal calls involving fallen trees or large tree branches.

Sometimes a tree will knock down a power line causing a potentially dangerous situation. NEVER attempt to piece a fallen tree around downed power lines or in inclement weather conditions. The possibility of electrocution or a slip and fall accident is very real. Prevent risks to your personal safety, health and property by hiring us to remove downed trees safe and fast.

Commercial Tree Cutting And Clearing Service

We work with Tehachapi city officials to remove city owned trees in the public right of way like streets and parks. In addition, businesses hire us to clear trees at construction sites, lots or places where trees are obstructing commercial development. Our tree care professionals know about and can help our clients obtain the necessary permits for removing certain classes of trees.

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