Tree Stump Removal Service in Tehachapi Valley, CA

stump cutter grinds tree stump in tehachapi valley

For over 40 years Tip Top Arborists has been providing affordable stump grinding and removal service in much of the Greater Tehachapi Area.

We carefully maneuver our stump cutters in all types of terrain and situations without disturbing your flower or vegetable beds.

Our team will work away to make sure no portion of the stump is left behind. This includes cutting any surface tree roots. We clean up the area of any wood chip debris.

To Remove Or Not To Remove Tree Stumps

Sometimes Tehachapi customers don’t want us to remove the stump after we finish cutting down their tree. Usually they cite cost as the reason. However when we explain a few of the future problems of not removing tree stumps, they change their minds and agree the extra cost is worth it. It always comes down to a cost benefit analysis.

  • Tree stumps can be trip hazards. A backyard with tree stumps and surface roots can be dangerous for children, adults and elders. Imagine how much more expensive the medical bills will be for treating a serious trip injury, or the liability costs from a personal injury lawsuit, versus the cost of removing a tree stump.
  • Planning outdoor projects is easier with a stump-free yard. Do you really want to deal with tree stumps getting in the way of your plan to install a new fence, shed, gazebo or flower bed? Even if you don’t have such outdoor projects on your to-do list today, who’s to say you won’t change your mind in the future?
  • Selling a home with a yard of tree stumps can be problematic. Ask any real estate agent what they think about tree stumps and you’ll rarely hear something positive. Tree stumps are ugly and can turn away prospective buyers, especially outdoor types with landscaping plans to plant new trees or shrubs, install new walking pathways, and more.
  • Tree stumps can harm surrounding plants. Tree stump roots don’t immediately die. Consequently they will compete with nearby plants to draw nutrients from the soil. If the nearby plants are young, the stump roots may win the battle and thus cause the plants to die.
  • Decaying tree stumps can spread disease. Over time an exposed, decaying tree stump will naturally attract insects and bugs. As these critters feed, they multiply, and may seek additional sources of cellulose. Termite companies will often trace the source of home infestation from a termite colony that originated from a decaying tree stump in the backyard.
  • Tree stumps can damage lawn maintenance equipment. Whether you mow your lawn or hire a landscaping company, there is the strong likelihood of accidentally running over a tree stump. The repair cost of a damaged lawn mower blade will most certainly be more than the coast of removing the culprit in the first place!