Arborists in Spring Valley Lake

Tip Top Arborists has been serving the Victorville community of Spring Valley Lake, “The Jewel of the High Desert”, with professional and ethical tree management since 1976.

untrimmed trees at spring valley lake houses

If you answer yes to any of these questions you should contact us today.

  • Are you losing sleep over that tree limb that’s hanging over your house?
  • Is there a dead or dying tree on your property that’s about to fall over?
  • Are trees obstructing a gorgeous view of Spring Valley Lake from your house?
  • Have neighbors been complaining to SVLA to trim your trees?
  • Are visitors tripping over roots growing out from ugly tree stumps in your yard?

We build relationships with our clients and their trees

Building relationships is key to learning our customer’s needs. A large majority of our customers are repeat customers for any of our tree services in Spring Valley Lake.

To keep our SVL customers happy and coming back, we build a relationship with them and their trees. Maintaining good communication is one way to create that relationship. Rather than just telling customers about our business, we have conversations with them. All our employees are taught how to effectively communicate with customers by speaking to them like real people.

We have a solution to your tree problem

We love trees and wish they would never get sick, die, fall down or get in the way. But we understand that’s not realistic in the real world. Trees are part of nature so the best we can do is act as good stewards to keep them healthy and beautiful.

When trees become problematic around your house or place of business in Spring Valley Lake, you should consult with a tree expert like an ISA certified arborist. All our certified arborists and tree workers have more knowledge and skills to properly care for trees than a lawn mowing service or friendly neighbor with a chainsaw.

Not all tree problems are the same for everybody all the time. For example, a diseased tree may not require immediate removal. Careful pruning or a fungicide treatment may solve the problem instead. To err on the side of caution you would be better served to speak to a certified arborist.