Tree Removal Services in Santa Clarita Valley, CA

removing a fallen tree in santa clarita valley park

When you need tree removal service by certified arborists with over 40 years experience in the Santa Clarita Valley, you need to contact Tip Top Arborists. Our experienced crews promise every dead or dying tree will be immediately removed in a safe manner.

Whether the removal is a standard take down or something more difficult or that requires a city permit, we’ll take care of your tree problem professionally.

Debris Removal and Cleanup

Normally a complete tree removal includes the grinding of the stump. But there are times that is not possible because the stump is in a planter, next to a structure, or interfering with utilities. In these circumstances we can only cut the tree down and treat the area if needed.

Our cleanup crews do an excellent job at removing all fallen tree debris like branches and leaves from your property. They’ll use an assortment of equipment likes rakes and leaf blowers to clear the affected area. Rarely do we miss tree material left behind on a roof, walking path or driveway.

Our commercial wood chippers do an amazing job of grabbing and shredding tree debris into wood mulch that we haul away.

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