Grind and Remove Tree Stumps in Santa Clarita Valley, CA

deep grinding tree stump in santa clarita valley

For over 4 decades Tip Top Arborists has been grinding and removing new and old tree stumps in assorted sizes across Santa Clarita Valley cities and towns.

We own a full line of stump cutters ranging in size and power to handle simple to difficult jobs. Our team is trained how to operate these walk-behind or self-propelled machines designed to grind stumps faster and smoother than any manual effort. There is little wood chip scatter so any cleanup is easier.

Make Room For Something New

Santa Clarita Valley customers will often ask us if it’s possible to plant a new tree in the same spot where an old one was just removed. Generally speaking we say yes it’s possible but advise them of potential problems by asking important questions.

  • Was the old tree removed because of disease? If yes, then it’s possible the pathogen may still be in soil which may infect the new tree, especially if it’s the same species.
  • How tightly woven and extensive are the old tree roots? Our stump grinding service removes surface roots but it doesn’t extract the entire root system underground. Consequently a newly planted tree and its roots may have difficulty going around the old roots and never secure themselves. A weak root system that can’t grow and spread out from the trunk will be a problem.
  • Does the soil where the new tree will be planted have sufficient nutrients to grow properly? If no, then we recommend you remove as much of the native materials and backfill with clean topsoil and compost, especially if you plan to start a garden over the old site. You want your new tree to grow in nutrient rich soil.

It’s important you speak to one of our certified arborists. They are highly trained to answer these questions. They will be happy to discuss your particular situation so you are better informed about planting a new tree after completing our stump removal service, even if you did not hire us to cut down the old tree originally.