Located in the southernmost part of Santa Clarita, Newhall is a beautiful Southern California community of 52,000 residents who love its scenic beauty and rich history.

Whether you’re checking out Old Town Newhall attractions like the Walk of Western Stars, William S. Hart Museum, Heritage Junction, or just strolling along Main Street, you’ll find the City of Newhall offers much in retail, restaurants and entertainment.

Newhall is also home to a diversity of trees including oaks, pines, sycamores, sweetgums, eucalyptus and California pepper. When they need attention, residents and businesses hire Tip Top Arborists for any of the following services:

How do we set ourselves apart from other tree service companies?

Since 1976, Tip Top Arborists has set the bar for tree care in Santa Clarita Valley, CA.

Licensed and full insured, our staff of certified arborists and tree workers are skilled professionals who share the belief that all trees should be celebrated and nurtured. Removal should be the last resort.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate quality benchmark. We take every step to ensure our tree services meets and surpasses your requirements. Essentially, this means that we work with you until you’re satisfied that we have meet all of these promises:

  • You will be given prompt and efficient service completed without incident.
  • You will be provided copies of our license, workers comp, liability insurance.
  • You will be charged no more than what’s listed on the written estimate.
  • You will be guaranteed a thorough and safe cleanup of any tree debris on your property.
  • You will be assigned a certified arborist on call and ready to answer all your questions.
  • You will be provided customer references upon request.

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If you are getting quotes from other tree companies in Newhall, ask how they set themselves apart from the competition. Have they remained in business with the same owner for over 40 years? Are they forthcoming with their credentials and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction? If their answers don’t meet your high standards, then you need to hire someone else. We hope that someone else is Tip Top Arborists.

Don’t take chances with your trees

Complaints of tree trimming and removal done by landscapers and neighbors is commonly heard by our staff on a daily basis. Homeowner comments like “It looks horrible!” or “Why does it look off balance?” are all too familiar.

After we step in to clean up the mess others have left behind, we are often told, “I should have called you guys the first time.”

Whenever you are trimming or cutting down a tree, you usually only have one chance to get it right the first time. You can’t reverse a tree falling on your roof because it was felled in the wrong direction. You may have to wait for years if your tree’s crown to grow back because it was over-pruned or damaged from improper cuts.

No property owner should endure the stress of wondering if their trees are being taken care of properly. You have too much to lose if you hire anybody other than an experienced tree professional that is certified, insured and licensed to trim or remove trees for a living. All of Tip Top Arborists workers meet these basic requirements.

Newhall, CA

Extremely knowledgeable and professional. They show up on time and clean up after doing an impeccable job. They have trimmed our trees numerous times and we are always happy.

Lena S.
5 stars