Tree Care in Golden Hills, CA

Nestled in the Tehachapi Mountains in Kern County, Golden Hills is a small community of 9,000 residents who enjoy its rural tranquility. Folks love the outdoors and care a lot about their trees. If they need to be professional trimmed or safely removed quickly, you’re in capable hands with Tip Top Arborists.

Tip Top Arborists has been serving Golden Hills, Tehachapi since 1976. We have remained the only city-qualified local tree service company in the area that with the same business owner for over 40 years. Our ISA certified arborists deliver can provide top quality tree service at a fair price. All customers are treated with the utmost respect and given our full attention.

Tehachapi homeowners, business owners and local city officials know they can depend on Tip Top Arborists to take care of their trees in an emergency or on a regularly scheduled basis.

Our friendly staff of tree experts are of the opinion that trees benefit communities so much that it is vital they are well maintained. We understand that a trimmed and healthy tree not only looks great but creates value beyond money. We will first try to save a sick and dying tree before removing it.