Since 1976, Tip Top Arborists has been servicing trees in the Canyon Country part of Santa Clarita, CA.

Residents and businesses love our dedication and passion to keep their neighborhood trees healthy and safe and year-round through various means of service such as trimming, pruning, tree removal, and overall tree care.

Whether you need regular tree maintenance or have a sudden tree emergency, we work hard to earn your trust, and even harder to keep it. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction is the #1 reason why we experience a high percentage of repeat and referral business. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

Canyon Country, CA

Jose and his team arrived right on time and did a fantastic job trimming two large ash trees, trimming a myrtle tree, and removing three small palm trees. They were simply amazing — so thorough and professional. And, when they left, the back and front yards were definitely cleaner.

Laurie M..
5 stars

Canyon Country, CA

Shortly after contacting the company, Chris from Tip Top Arborists came out to give me advice on one of my trees. Although there was no work scheduled, he spent the time talking to me and even let me know my tree did not need pruning. I appreciate his time and advice.

Hilary R..
5 stars

trimTree trimming

Chris Miller, our local certified arborist for the Santa Clarita Valley, will perform an expert diagnosis of your tree(s) to determine the correct amount of tree trimming required.

No two trees are the same. Neither is the cost to trim or prune them. Many factors can determine the cost to trim a tree in Canyon Country. Examples include tree size and health, time period from last pruning, tree crown density, and proximity to other structures or hazards.

We recommend regular tree trimming to maintain your trees health. Let us prune out dead or diseased wood before it becomes a problem.

sawTree removal

You should reach out to us if you’re thinking about removing a tree. A professional opinion from an arborist can make a big difference. For example, you don’t want to mistakenly think a tree is dead when it’s actually just dormant, or if it has some deadwood which may be perfectly natural. Similarly you don’t want to jump to the conclusion that you must cut down a tree for an aesthetic reason when the issue might be remedied by simply pruning back some branches (i.e. branches are blocking sunlight).

Of course if a tree poses a safety hazard and can’t be corrected with cabling, bracing or trimming, or it has reached the end of its natural life, we recommend tree removal.

stumpStump removal

If a tree stump has become an annoyance or hazard in your yard, let us handle its safe removal and complete cleanup.

Don’t assume your landscaper will have the necessary equipment to properly grind a stump and remove all the debris. They also may not be familiar how to safely operate the stump grinders near other stumps, trees, underground pipes, obstructions and other structures without causing damage.

We perform stump grinding and removal on a daily basis in Canyon Country without incident. Let our fully licensed and insured experts pulverize your stumps.