Tree Trimming Services in Antelope Valley, CA

tree trimming in antelope valley

Since 1976 Tip Top Arborists has been pruning hundreds of native and non-native tree species in all of Antelope Valley’s cities and towns in northern Los Angeles County and southeast Kern County.

Any tree growing on public or private land can be trimmed by our ISA certified tree climbers so it looks beautiful and remains healthy all year long. We have the equipment to reach extreme heights for tall trees along streets, in parks, on school grounds.

Pruning Trees All Year Long

When is the best time to trim your trees in Antelope Valley? In most cases tree trimming can be performed year round, depending on the needs of the tree. For some tree species the dormant season is the only time to prune. To be on the safe side, we recommend you ask one of our ISA certified arborists. You should also ask them about the importance of tree trimming to train your trees to grow in size or in a certain direction, improve air circulation, or let in more sunlight.

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Time Lapse Videos

Aleppo pine tree over a mobile home.
Trimming time: 2.5 hours

Mulberry tree in customer’s back yard.
Trimming time: 3.5 hours