Tree Stump Grinding and Removal Services in Antelope Valley, CA

deep stump grinding in antelope valley

For over 40 years Tip Top Arborists has been grinding down and subsequently removing tree stumps of any size or condition in Antelope Valley’s cities and towns.

If you’re in need of licensed and insured tree care company with certified arborists for stump grinding and removal, you’ve come to the right place.

Tip Top Arborists is BBB accredited and has a team of ISA certified arborists and tree climbers, so you know you’re dealing with an above board company servicing Antelope Valley residents.

Get Rid of Ugly Tree Stumps

Do you have ugly tree stumps on your land? Do you wish they could be removed without a trace? If you answered yes, then contact us to schedule our stump removal service in Antelope Valley, CA.

We own and operate heavy equipment to safely grind down and remove the tree stump and its surrounding aerial roots, even if you did not hire us to remove the tree originally. We always take the necessary precautions to not accidentally cut underground utilities or damage your landscaping.

After we finish, we back fill the hole with as much native material available like stump grindings, dirt, etc. We leave it slightly above grade to allow for settling. We leave it in the above described fashion so there are no liability issues from trip hazards.

To plant another tree or grass in the same spot, you will need to remove the material and backfill it with clean dirt.