Tree Maintenance for Acton Residents

removing a dead tree in acton,ca

Just south of Palmdale is the small town of Acton, CA. Many of the homes dot the landscape from the valley up into the mid range of the Sierra Pelona foothills.

While every Acton resident knows about Shambala Preserve or the popularity of flying RC airplanes at Parker Mountain, few can identify and diagnose the health of their trees. When a tree looks unhealthy they know they can trust our certified arborists to assess their tree’s condition for trimming or removal.

We trim and remove lots of tree species in Acton. California pepper, eucalyptus, mulberry, ash and pines make up the bulk. However, the only native trees we encounter in Acton is the California juniper, Coulter pine and Incense cedar. Some of the junipers can grow as tall as 25 feet with branch stubs sticking out in all directions if not properly maintained.

Top 10 Requests for Tree Service in Acton, CA

Our Antelope Valley crew is in the field everyday. They see a lot of common and not so common things when handling trees. We’ve compiled this list of 10 most common requests from Acton homeowners asking for our help to trim or remove a tree. Do any of these sound familiar?

Remove some low-hanging branches pressing against my house and fence

Haul away some fallen branches too heavy to drag

Trim neighbor's tree branches that are growing too far over my fence

Dig up ugly tree roots that are growing above ground in my back yard

Grind away a tree stump in my front yard so I can't see it anymore

Cut down a tall tree that is leaning too close to my house

Diagnose fungus marks on my tree's leaves, branches and trunk

Clear my back yard of all trees so I can build a pool

Identify the cause and hopefully cure my tree from dying

Prune tree branches touching my power line so it's not a fire hazard

Local Reviews for Acton, CA

Acton, CA

Once again Tom Baal at Tip Top Arborists and his Team did not disappoint. They trimmed my 2 Pine Trees, roses, laid bark in flower bed and my yard looks wonderful. When I wanted a little more off of the Pine Trees they came out to Acton a second time at no extra charge. Tom also educated me on Pine Tree trimming. Call them – a very honest family!!

Wendy Rushing
5 stars

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