dig alert For many people, the idea of planting or removing a tree is a simple concept – dig a hole to plant, or dig up the stump and yank.

Yet there is so much more under the ground than many realize.

When you turn on that light switch, light the top burner on your stove or even make that phone call (if you still have that archaic land line attached to the rotary phone), those services get to you most likely from underground cables and pipes.

It doesn’t take much to sever those services with a shovel, and the results can be disastrous – shockingly so.

So, before you decide to wear a pair of angel wings, riding on top of a mushroom cloud caused by a natural gas explosion, call your local utility companies to have the area you are working in marked. Your family and friends will love you for it.

call 811 If you don’t have the utility company numbers on speed dial, contact DigAlert (https://www.digalert.org/) by pressing 811. It’s more preferable than 911.