Overcoming The Urge To Top A Tree

How many times have you looked at your tree and said, “That tree is too tall. I need to have it topped!” Come on, I know you’ve at least thought it, right? You might remember that sign at the amusement park stating “You must be this tall to ride”. Trees have no owner’s manual that […]

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topped tree

What Are Hidden Underground Hazards?

For many people, the idea of planting or removing a tree is a simple concept – dig a hole to plant, or dig up the stump and yank. Yet there is so much more under the ground than many realize. When you turn on that light switch, light the top burner on your stove or […]

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underground dangers

Top 10 Tree Problems in Los Angeles

Many tree problems in the Los Angeles metropolitan area are caused by insects and diseases. These problems can completely threaten the health, beauty and life of your trees. Our certified arborists have listed below the Top 10 problems that can plague trees in Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Tehacapi Valley and Victor Valley. Lace Bugs […]

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Hemlock Woolly Adelaide

20 Myths About Trees and Tree Care

Physiology / Biology 1. Tree roots systems extend deep below the ground. The large supporting root system near the base of the tree tapers rapidly into smaller roots, with the vast majority of all roots being concentrated in the upper few inches of soil. While a few roots may extend as deep as several feet, […]

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