Tip Top Arborists honored with TCIA accreditation

In June 2021, Tip Top Arborists, Inc started the process of becoming an accredited tree care company under the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Tree Care Company Accreditation program. While Tip Top Arborists, Inc has been a member of the TCIA since January 1995, we felt that it was time to work for the highest […]

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Pruning Your Fruit Trees

How, When, Why to Prune Fruit Trees Many people love the idea of having fresh fruit growing in their backyard orchard. For the experienced, maintaining their labor of love is easy. For the inexperienced, they soon realize it’s something more like love to labor. It’s like raising a child – there are years of training, […]

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COVID-19 Update

A Message to our Customers We want to assure you that we remain open and ready to serve because our company is considered an essential service provider. As such, we will continue to provide all our customers at home or work the highest level of tree care service in your community. All of our outside […]

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When Disease Comes Calling: How Healthy Trees Get Sick

Arborists have long attempted to portray how trees live as a reflection of how humans live. Trees, like humans, need sustenance, care and a healthy diet or else they can become sick from an onslaught of potentially life threatening bacterial and viral diseases that can be airborne or vectored (wind, birds, insects and tools). People […]

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Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Define a Professional Almost every professional in their industry can talk at great lengths about the issues they see on a daily basis. The ethical issues that give the profession a bad name. The companies that claim to be the cheapest. The unprofessional work that is sold as ‘quality service at a reduced cost’. The […]

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How Does Drought Affect Trees?

What Is “Drought” Before we start, we need to understand the definition of ‘drought’. Drought can be defined as a prolonged and exceptional deficit between water supply and demand. In other words, long term conditions of high demand and low supply equals drought. Many of us in the Southwest have experienced first hand the effects […]

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Are There Dangers In Cutting Tree Roots?

“Honey, I am so tired of looking at those roots in our front yard! I’m going to have the neighbor’s gardener, Joe Schmo’s Tree, Landscape, Automotive Repair and Concrete Service come over and cut them all out, okay?” Whoa there, Nellie!! There are many reasons why one sees roots in their lawn, and it isn’t […]

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10 Questions To Ask A Prospective Contractor

As a consumer, it is your right and responsibility to ask a contractor you might hire a few qualifying questions. The answers to these questions will determine whether or not you want him on your property, working for you. We at Tip Top Arborists welcome these questions because we now know that the potential client […]

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Can I Trim My Neighbor’s Overhanging Tree Branches?

“My neighbor’s tree has branches crossing over my fence. Can you cut them back to their side? And while you’re at it, can you cut all the roots that are in my lawn?” If I had a dime for every time someone asked me that question, I’d be the better looking version of Bill Gates. […]

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Why Should An Arborist Trim My Trees?

Now that spring is around the corner, and temperatures are on the rise, trees are coming out of their slumber and treating our senses with leaves and flowers of magnificent color and smell. It is also the time most people say, in their best Thurston Howell the III voice, “My dear, I think we need […]

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