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Professional Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Serving Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Victor Valley and Tehachapi Valley

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 (877) 942-8733


Professional Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Serving Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Victor Valley and Tehachapi Valley

Call us at
 (877) 942-8733


Leave Tree Stump Removal and Grinding to the Pros at Tip Top

Tip Top Arborists provides professional tree stump grinding and removal services – whether we provided the tree removal service or not.  To remove a tree stump, it is not necessary that the tree was recently removed.  We provide stump grinding for old tree stumps as well recently cut tree.  In grinding a tree stump, we remove the stump and surrounding roots well below the surface of the surrounding area to allow grass or ground covering to grow in completely. As needed, we also call the utility companies to locate and mark any underground utilities.

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Read a few of our 30 5-Star reviews


Michelle G.
Santa Clarita, CA


September, 2014

Tom is extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. If you are looking for someone to educate you on the condition then I highly recommend this company.

Jay F
Palmdale, CA


June, 2017

Jim and his team at Tip Top are tight! Tip Top is organized, efficient, meticulous, thorough, and courteous. Nothing was left undone! Tip Top removed a nearly twenty-year-old tree, ground up the roots, made certain all sprinklers were in perfect working order, and raked the front lawn. Jim spent time making sure I understood all my options so that I could make an informed decision before moving forward. Tip Top is named appropriately for they are tip top and outstanding! Thanks so much for the excellent work!

Yasmine Felton


March, 2017

Staff was fast, easy to work with, and very reasonable. We had a neighboring tree that was hanging over our property dropping lots of pollen and tree shmutz. Geom and his crew carefully removed the offending limbs and cleaned up the mess. He’s a very friendly guy and easy to schedule. Will work with again. He also gave me some pointers on how to care for some other trees.

Wendy R.
Acton, CA


March, 2017

Tom has helped me out on more than one occasion personally and for my client. He is honest, prompt, service oriented and goes above and beyond. He looked at my Pine Trees and not only identified them but told me how to care for them.

Thank you Tom!

Wendy Rushing, Realtor!

Laurie M.
Canyon Country, CA


August, 2015

If you want the job done right the first time, call Tip Top.

Years ago, I had used Tip Top and they had done an excellent job with my trees, but I thought at the time that they were a bit expensive. So, last October, based on reviews on Yelp, I hired another service to trim my two very large ash trees. They were not the cheapest, but they assured me that they were the best. At the time, I thought they had done a decent job, and even gave them a favorable review on Yelp (which I’ve since removed).

Recently, several arborists, including representatives from So Cal Edison, pointed out where and how this company essentially butchered at least one of the trees. So, I called Tip Top. Tom, their arborist, came out and explained in detail what had happened and how they could restore both trees. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, as was every member of his team. They saved my trees. AND, they charged $400 less for three trees (I had them trim a Myrtle in the front) than the other jokers charged for the two. Yes, I’ve learned my lesson, and will only use Tip Top in the future.

Rick H.
Santa Clarita, CA


March, 2017

Since we had never needed this type of service, and I had no one to get referrals from, I took to Yelp for reviews on tree trimming companies. Out of the 3 companies we received estimates from, Tip Top came in at substantially less. Chris Miller, the District Supervisor came to give us the estimate, was professional and seemed to know his job very well. Raul and his crew of 3 came to do the job (prune 2 sycamores & remove 2 palm trees). They were on time and knew exactly what they were supposed to do. They did their job efficiently, and were careful as to not break or step on any of our plants. They cleaned up after themselves and left absolutely no debris in our yard (they also cleaned up debris that had fallen in the neighbor’s yard since our trees are so close to our dividing wall). In this day and age where it is increasingly difficult to find people who care about how they do their jobs and good customer service, we are so pleased with Tip Top! Job VERY well done!

Miltton R.
Santa Ana, CA


January, 2017

Tip Top did an outstanding job at a very reasonable price for the amount of work they performed, in horrible weather.  Highly recommend them!

Lisa G.
Rosamond, CA


April, 2017

I used Tip Top to trim my very large weeping willow and 2 other trees. Four guys showed up on time and did a great job. They were very professional and worked hard. They were safe, which is a concern since my willow is so large. The didn’t fool around, they just got the job done and did a great job! They cleaned everything up like they weren’t ever there. It was great! Tip Top is the best choice even if you have to pay a little more. They are worth every penny!

Liane H.
Santa Clarita, CA


April, 2016

Tip Top did a GREAT job removing 9 very tall cypress trees from my back yard. They were professional and friendly. They worked hard and fast. They gave me a VERY reasonable price and that was out of 4 quotes. Glad I went with Tip Top!

Carrin Q


June, 2016

Steve K.
Santa Clarita, CA


May, 2013

Tip top was great and professional! I got a quote and they revised it 3 times for me because I kept changing what I wanted done. They were very patient and sent me quotes via email. I decided to have three trees removed that were too close to the house and a 4th one trimmed. Tip top did an amazing job and I would highly recommend to anyone in the SCV. They had everything done and cleaned in a couple of hours. It was like the trees were never there!

Melinda M.
Canyon Country, CA


November, 2013

The man who came for the estimate was very professional and knowledgable. He knew the names of every tree on my property. (I had eucalyptus trees..who knew?). The work that I was having done was clearing out a very large part of a tree that broke off during a wind storm. In addition to that, I decided to have the tree trimmed to prevent further breaking. During the estimate I was also informed of another tree that was dying so he said they’d remove that too. I also asked them to remove these overgrown vines on a walkway.
The price he quoted me seemed fair for the amount of work. However, he quoted me in one lump sum for everything. I would have liked if he itemized the cost per project.

On the day of the actual work they arrived on time (a huge plus in my book). They did a great job. The only thing is that they moved things in my backyard to be free from falling branches but upon completion they never put them back.

So in summary:
– Very professional
– On time
– I can’t comment on the cost of service because I don’t have anything to compare it to. I would have liked the costs broken down by project on the estimation.
– Didn’t return things back to where they were upon completion.

Overall, I recommend them and I would use their services again!

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