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Professional Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Serving Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Victor Valley and Tehachapi Valley

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 (877) 942-8733


Professional Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Serving Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Victor Valley and Tehachapi Valley

Call us at
 (877) 942-8733


Leave Tree Stump Removal and Grinding to the Pros at Tip Top

Tip Top Arborists provides professional tree stump grinding and removal services – whether we provided the tree removal service or not.  To remove a tree stump, it is not necessary that the tree was recently removed.  We provide stump grinding for old tree stumps as well recently cut tree.  In grinding a tree stump, we remove the stump and surrounding roots well below the surface of the surrounding area to allow grass or ground covering to grow in completely. As needed, we also call the utility companies to locate and mark any underground utilities.

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Read a few of our 30 5-Star reviews


Chris F.
Palmdale, CA


April, 2015

Last week I called Tip Top Arborists to see about updating an estimate I got 3 years ago to have a tree “chopped” down. Funny huh? They had it but said they would have to come back out to update the estimate, totally understandable. I came home from work and there was the estimate on my door, from what I remember it was very close to the original. Called them the next day to schedule to have the tree removed. They said they’d be out in a week. Yesterday was the day, I came home from work and I swear nobody had been there but wait the tree is gone. Where is all the saw dust. Where are all the leaves? Where are all the paint scrapes on the house? Where are all the little branches that are a pain to pick up? I got calls from both the office and the foreman that they were there, as scheduled. Work was done when I got home no headache no mess no nothing. I am so happy with this company. I can only imagine what the clean up was like but I swear they left my patio and yard cleaner than it was before the removal. AND all for and extremely fair price. I will definitely use Tip Top again and I definitely recommend them for ALL of your tree needs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Barbara B.
Santa Clarita, CA


March, 2017

My neighbors who live in the house above mine decided to have their extremely tall and leaning pine tree removed.  I came home one day and found a note on my door from Chris, asking if we would mind if his crew removed some of the tree by way of our back yard.  The pine tree was leaning toward our house so I told him that it was fine to come into our yard.  I was home on the day that Chris and his crew showed up, on time.  I couldn’t believe how professional and considerate they were.  As it ended up, most of the neighbor’s tree was removed by using our back yard.  They worked very hard and fast.  After the job was finished, Chris notified me that some of the pine branches had crushed one bush that was on the hill.  It wasn’t a big deal but I was very impressed that he told me.  He told me he’d bring a rose bush by the next day to make up for the bush.  That impressed me even more.  I told him it wasn’t necessary but he insisted.  The next day, Chris came to our house with a rose bush AND the type of bush that was crushed.  Now remember, I wasn’t even his client!  I just gave them access to my back yard.  When I tried to refuse the rose bush, he told me that that was the least they could do.  I have never dealt with a business that was so professional, honest, and friendly.  Oh, and the clean up was unbelievable.  The back hill, yard, patio (which was far away from the hill), side of the house, and street were so clean after they were done.  Whatever had to be moved was put right back in place.  I would highly recommend Tip Top Arborists.

Luke R.
Los Angeles, CA


December, 2012

I called on a Thursday afternoon, my estimate was done Friday morning and the job was done that afternoon. And it was a very fair price.

I was in the tree service business off and on for over ten years. My dad owned a tree business and I worked for him. I hauled brush, climbed trees, operated a truck and anything else that needed done. It is extremely hard work and very costly to run.

Tip Top did a great job, they did it quickly and I paid a very reasonable price.

Nilda C
Lancaster, CA


June, 2017

I am so happy with the work they did removing six oleander stumps that were an eyesore after getting my backyard done. They were on time, very reasonably priced and left absolutely no mess! I will definitely be using their services again. It is so refreshing for a local business to really care about their work and who are true professionals. Thank you Tip Top!

Steve K.
Santa Clarita, CA


May, 2013

Tip top was great and professional! I got a quote and they revised it 3 times for me because I kept changing what I wanted done. They were very patient and sent me quotes via email. I decided to have three trees removed that were too close to the house and a 4th one trimmed. Tip top did an amazing job and I would highly recommend to anyone in the SCV. They had everything done and cleaned in a couple of hours. It was like the trees were never there!

Karen T.
Pinon Hills, CA


August, 2015

We had a very large pine tree overhanging the house we wanted removed. Todd came out for the estimate, was very knowledgeable. What we liked the best was that he gave us options. He let us know what each procedure would cost and then let us decide on what we wanted done now and what could wait until later. Most of the time a company will give you one price and say take it or leave it, no choices. Another thing that made us decide to use this company is they provided copies of their license, workers comp, liability ins. and even a bond.

They cut the wood to fit our fireplace insert and stacked it in manageable piles. They did not mess around, were very professional and got the work done in only a few hours. They also cleaned up everything when they were finished. I am very picky when it comes to hiring people to work and I would recommend them and I will use them again.

Liane H.
Santa Clarita, CA


April, 2016

Tip Top did a GREAT job removing 9 very tall cypress trees from my back yard. They were professional and friendly. They worked hard and fast. They gave me a VERY reasonable price and that was out of 4 quotes. Glad I went with Tip Top!

Cyndi C.
Ventura, CA


November, 2015

Wow, so nice to deal with a professional, courteous company. Everyone I dealt with from the first phone call was awesome. Their service exceeded our expectations. They left the area so clean you couldn’t even tell where the trees were! Thank you Tip Top!

Jim M.
Lancaster, CA


April, 2016

Tip Top Arborists are truly knowledgeable experts, and they gave us a thorough inspection and itemized estimate, which we thought was reasonable, for crown work on about 6 Arizona cypress, 2 pine trees, and the removal of 2 more Arizona. We were very happy with Tip Top’s very professional work. The whole crew did a fantastic job, from showing up on schedule (in Lake Los Angeles), all the tree work itself, and through the end of cleanup. When they were done, it wasn’t even apparent where the two removed trees were; if it wasn’t obvious the trees were just worked on, you wouldn’t know they had been there. We would definitely use Tip Top Arborists again, and will highly recommend them to anyone needing tree service. Thanks again Tip Top.

Wendy R.
Acton, CA


March, 2017

Tom has helped me out on more than one occasion personally and for my client. He is honest, prompt, service oriented and goes above and beyond. He looked at my Pine Trees and not only identified them but told me how to care for them.

Thank you Tom!

Wendy Rushing, Realtor!

Michelle G.
Santa Clarita, CA


September, 2014

Tom is extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. If you are looking for someone to educate you on the condition then I highly recommend this company.

Melinda M.
Canyon Country, CA


November, 2013

The man who came for the estimate was very professional and knowledgable. He knew the names of every tree on my property. (I had eucalyptus trees..who knew?). The work that I was having done was clearing out a very large part of a tree that broke off during a wind storm. In addition to that, I decided to have the tree trimmed to prevent further breaking. During the estimate I was also informed of another tree that was dying so he said they’d remove that too. I also asked them to remove these overgrown vines on a walkway.
The price he quoted me seemed fair for the amount of work. However, he quoted me in one lump sum for everything. I would have liked if he itemized the cost per project.

On the day of the actual work they arrived on time (a huge plus in my book). They did a great job. The only thing is that they moved things in my backyard to be free from falling branches but upon completion they never put them back.

So in summary:
– Very professional
– On time
– I can’t comment on the cost of service because I don’t have anything to compare it to. I would have liked the costs broken down by project on the estimation.
– Didn’t return things back to where they were upon completion.

Overall, I recommend them and I would use their services again!

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