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Professional Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Serving Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Victor Valley and Tehachapi Valley

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 (877) 942-8733


Professional Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Serving Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Victor Valley and Tehachapi Valley

Call us at
 (877) 942-8733


Leave Tree Stump Removal and Grinding to the Pros at Tip Top

Tip Top Arborists provides professional tree stump grinding and removal services – whether we provided the tree removal service or not.  To remove a tree stump, it is not necessary that the tree was recently removed.  We provide stump grinding for old tree stumps as well recently cut tree.  In grinding a tree stump, we remove the stump and surrounding roots well below the surface of the surrounding area to allow grass or ground covering to grow in completely. As needed, we also call the utility companies to locate and mark any underground utilities.

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  • We have served over 14,000 area residents in our 40 years in business
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Read a few of our 30 5-Star reviews


Lisa G.
Rosamond, CA


April, 2017

I used Tip Top to trim my very large weeping willow and 2 other trees. Four guys showed up on time and did a great job. They were very professional and worked hard. They were safe, which is a concern since my willow is so large. The didn’t fool around, they just got the job done and did a great job! They cleaned everything up like they weren’t ever there. It was great! Tip Top is the best choice even if you have to pay a little more. They are worth every penny!

sue m
Palmdale, CA


June, 2017

My sister-in-law called TipTop. They were amazing! Removed a huge Italian cypress and a few stumps in about an hour! They were immaculate!!! There is no trace of that gigantic cypress! Friendly, affordable, professional!!!


Linda A.
Santa Clarita, CA


August, 2015

Tip Top Arborists were very professional, providing a complete estimate at the time of the first appointment and we were charged exactly what the estimate was. Tom provided the estimate, answered questions about some other issues, offered some advice on some other areas and was onsite while the work was being done. The team was prompt and efficient, completing the removal of two trees and trimming 5 palm trees in four hours. They protected our property and cleaned after the work was complete. They set the bar for other companies doing any work on our property and we will be using them from now on to help take care of our trees.

Jim M.
Lancaster, CA


April, 2016

Tip Top Arborists are truly knowledgeable experts, and they gave us a thorough inspection and itemized estimate, which we thought was reasonable, for crown work on about 6 Arizona cypress, 2 pine trees, and the removal of 2 more Arizona. We were very happy with Tip Top’s very professional work. The whole crew did a fantastic job, from showing up on schedule (in Lake Los Angeles), all the tree work itself, and through the end of cleanup. When they were done, it wasn’t even apparent where the two removed trees were; if it wasn’t obvious the trees were just worked on, you wouldn’t know they had been there. We would definitely use Tip Top Arborists again, and will highly recommend them to anyone needing tree service. Thanks again Tip Top.

Laurie M.
Canyon Country, CA


August, 2015

If you want the job done right the first time, call Tip Top.

Years ago, I had used Tip Top and they had done an excellent job with my trees, but I thought at the time that they were a bit expensive. So, last October, based on reviews on Yelp, I hired another service to trim my two very large ash trees. They were not the cheapest, but they assured me that they were the best. At the time, I thought they had done a decent job, and even gave them a favorable review on Yelp (which I’ve since removed).

Recently, several arborists, including representatives from So Cal Edison, pointed out where and how this company essentially butchered at least one of the trees. So, I called Tip Top. Tom, their arborist, came out and explained in detail what had happened and how they could restore both trees. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, as was every member of his team. They saved my trees. AND, they charged $400 less for three trees (I had them trim a Myrtle in the front) than the other jokers charged for the two. Yes, I’ve learned my lesson, and will only use Tip Top in the future.

John Banbury


May, 2016

Very pleased with the whole experience. They were so efficient I kind of miss them.

Cyndi C.
Ventura, CA


November, 2015

Wow, so nice to deal with a professional, courteous company. Everyone I dealt with from the first phone call was awesome. Their service exceeded our expectations. They left the area so clean you couldn’t even tell where the trees were! Thank you Tip Top!

Luke R.
Los Angeles, CA


December, 2012

I called on a Thursday afternoon, my estimate was done Friday morning and the job was done that afternoon. And it was a very fair price.

I was in the tree service business off and on for over ten years. My dad owned a tree business and I worked for him. I hauled brush, climbed trees, operated a truck and anything else that needed done. It is extremely hard work and very costly to run.

Tip Top did a great job, they did it quickly and I paid a very reasonable price.

Liane H.
Santa Clarita, CA


April, 2016

Tip Top did a GREAT job removing 9 very tall cypress trees from my back yard. They were professional and friendly. They worked hard and fast. They gave me a VERY reasonable price and that was out of 4 quotes. Glad I went with Tip Top!

Dennis H.
Canyon Country, CA


October, 2014

Jesus came out to inspect the trees on my property. He was professional and seemed very knowledgable. I would use this company again.

Miltton R.
Santa Ana, CA


January, 2017

Tip Top did an outstanding job at a very reasonable price for the amount of work they performed, in horrible weather.  Highly recommend them!

Karen T.
Pinon Hills, CA


August, 2015

We had a very large pine tree overhanging the house we wanted removed. Todd came out for the estimate, was very knowledgeable. What we liked the best was that he gave us options. He let us know what each procedure would cost and then let us decide on what we wanted done now and what could wait until later. Most of the time a company will give you one price and say take it or leave it, no choices. Another thing that made us decide to use this company is they provided copies of their license, workers comp, liability ins. and even a bond.

They cut the wood to fit our fireplace insert and stacked it in manageable piles. They did not mess around, were very professional and got the work done in only a few hours. They also cleaned up everything when they were finished. I am very picky when it comes to hiring people to work and I would recommend them and I will use them again.

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